Family Support

Advice and Assistance
To parents and carers

What is Family Support?

Parenting children is an important job today and sometimes parents, grandparents, foster or adoptive parents as well as primary caregivers need a little encouragement, direction, advice or a listening ear. That’s what we offer through Family Support! We believe that happy parents lead to happy parenting and happy well-adjusted children!

Listowel Family Resource Centre advocates and supports all who raise and take care of children. This takes the form of providing practical training and information programmes that assist parents and caregivers to deal with childhood issues. We also provide a one to one confidential service for parents and caregivers who may be experiencing a temporary block in how to deal with childhood or teenage issues that occur in every family.

“Family support is both a way of working and a set of activities that provides information, advice and assistance to parents and carers about bringing up their children, so that these children will reach their full potential.”

Child & Family Agency,


Why does Listowel Family Resource Centre Support Parents & Care-givers?

Mums, dads, caregivers, step-parents, grandparents and the children that they care for benefit from taking part in our programmes, support groups, one to one service and friendly, practical and common sense approach to every day family life issues.Effective, positive parenting supports family well-being and reduces the risk of problems developing later on. By providing parenting supports in a community setting, such as this, it supports and promotes social networks and community solidarity. Therefore, it strengthens both families and communities.

O Children benefit from positive parenting from birth, right through to adulthood.Child & Family Agency,

One-to-One Parenting Support:

From time to time parents and care-givers need a confidential safe space to discuss their particular situation and avail of advice, information, advocacy and support. Listowel FRC is very experienced in dealing with all issues affecting family life and parents’ well-being.


Frequency: Appointment necessary.

Play Therapy

In partnership with Kerry Adolescent Counselling Service we offer Play therapy which is an effective, creative approach that meets the child where he or she is, and utilises their language, play. Children are more typically better able to express themselves and their emotions non-verbally through expressive ways like play and art. Play therapy facilities growth, healing, resiliency and change. The Therapist is trained to follow the child’s lead while building a therapeutic relationship based on trust. This approach allows them to learn the inner world of the child and how they are understanding or struggling to understand something in their life.

To make an appointment please contact Family Support Co-ordinator on 068-23584