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understanding self-harm

 understanding self-harm seminar 7th December, 7 euro from 10am-4pm contact Toni on 23584
The aim of the programme is to:
• Develop participants’ knowledge and
understanding of self-harm
• Develop participants’ knowledge of the
reasons underlying self-harm behaviour
• Consider the needs of people who selfharm
Learning outcomes:
The learning outcomes include:
• Improved knowledge, awareness and
understanding of self-harm
o What it is
o What leads people to self-harm
o Its relationship to suicide
• Positive approaches to engaging with and
caring for someone who self-harms
• Understanding of the prevalence of selfharm
across different age groups and
• Familiarisation with the causes, reasons for
and functions of self-harm
• Improved sensitivity and awareness of the
needs of people who self-harm
• Awareness of treatments and helpful
responses to people who self-harm

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