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Who Are Our Programmes and Support for?

Everyone who a key role in supporting the upbringing of children, e.g. parents, grandparents, significant relations, foster parents, adoptive parents, non-residential parents…………

How Often are Programmes Available?

  • One-to-one Parenting Supports are available continuously. Appointments may be necessary
  • Group Parenting Programmes are available on a rolling basis. Once a minimum of 8 names for the same programme is received that programme will begin
  • Group Supports are usually on a weekly basis and new members are always welcome

What is the Cost?

One-to-one supports:free

Parenting Programmes:Approx: €2.00-€3.00 per session

(This allows us to provide materials & refreshments)

We aim to provide all parenting supports for a minimum fee, however, from time to time, depending on the programme, there may be an additional cost but this will be discussed beforehand if a charge is necessary.

Donations are always welcomed and very helpful as it allows us to further support parents & caregivers.

Listowel Family Resource Centre Programmes & Supports:

One-to-One Parenting Support:

From time to time parents and care-givers need a confidential safe space to discuss their particular situation and avail of advice, information, advocacy and support. Listowel FRC is very experienced in dealing with all issues affecting family life and parents’ well-being.

Frequency: On-going. Welcome to drop in for a chat. Sometimes, depending on availability of trained staff, an appointment may be made for you.

Breast Feeding Support Group:

In collaboration with the local Public Health Nurses. The Public Health Nurse offers support and practical tips to mums who breast feed.

Meetings: Every Wednesday from 11.00am – 12.00pm

Baby and Us Programme:

Listowel FRC is supported by the HSE Primary Care Team through the Public Health Nurses. Mums and Dads with new-born babies are encouraged to attend.

Topics include:

  • Baby Massage
  • First Aid for babies and toddlers
  • Homeopathy
  • Nutrition
  • Physiotherapy for mum and baby (e.g. tummy time)
  • Speech and Language development
  • Occupational therapy (what to have in your toy box at different stages of development)
  • Family Wellness (e.g. positive routines, parent time-out, positive communication etc)

Frequency:Twice a year (Spring and Autumn)

Baby and Us Support Group:

This group is formed as a natural follow up from the Baby and Me programme. Parents/caregivers gather weekly for tea/coffee, chat, peer support and playtime with their new-born babies. It is a great setting for parents to meet other parents and to share information and ideas on parenting and to socialise in comfortable and modern facilities.

This follows completion of Baby and Us Programme and takes place on Monday mornings.

Grandparent Tea Parties:

Grandparent Tea Parties are an ideally opportunity for Grandparents to spend a little special time with grandchildren (2years – 12years) with the experience of ‘Afternoon Tea’ including activities such as cake decorating, story time, art and crafts etc. It is also an opportunity for grandparents to share experiences with other grandparents.

Frequency:Every season (2 times per year or more often if requested)

Children’s Centre:

Provision of Crèche, Junior Pre-School, Pre-School, After Schools, Out-of-School Programmes. The Children’s Centre not only provide childcare; it provides a safe space with professional childcare workers, who in addition have family support experience, to support your child’s emotional, intellectual, physical, linguistic and social development. We pride ourselves in our partnership approach with parents and care-givers. More information under ‘Children’s Centre’ on this website.

Support Groups:

Listowel FRC provides a number of support groups which can support parents in their well-being and provides parents and care-givers with an opportunity to be a ‘person in their own right’ and not a mum, dad, wife, husband, partner for the little part of the week. More information under ‘Support Groups’ on this website.

Jumble Sales:

These events provide a forum to bring families together in a relaxed informal manner, to avail of cheap/free, good quality, items (mainly children’s & adult clothes and toys/books) that they may need for their families.


Annual Family Fun Day:

At Listowel FRC’s Annual Family Fun Day we had various events and activities for families to take part in, e.g. activity games, art work, face painting,live music and much, much more

The Fire Brigade attend and demonstrate the truck’s equipment. Local Gardaí  and the KDYS support the activities.

ALL are welcome so come along and help us celebrate FAMILY and all its diversity.

Frequency:Every July on a Sarurday afternoon

Rainbows Programme:

Listowel Family Resource Centre is a registered Rainbows Ireland site. This is an international 12 week structured programme that offers peer and adult support and a listening service for children (1st-6th class) who have experienced loss through death, divorce or separation. It is not a therapeutic, counselling service. All of our facilitators are trained and certified by Rainbows Ireland.

Frequency:Twice a year

Strengthening Families Programme (12-16years):

Listowel Family Resource Centre is the lead agency for this programme, in partnership with LINK School Completion Programme, KDYS, Garda Youth Diversion Programme and Junior Liaison Officer Garda.

This evidence based 14 week skills based programme focuses on helping families deal with issues that arise such as poor communication between parents and teenagers, anti-social behaviour, how to deal with school, bullying, sibling relationships, how to implement early intervention with possible addictions and much more. This programme is about re-building healthy and safe family life.

Both the parent/care-giver and teenager attends the programme. Evening dinner and childcare is provided.

Frequency:Next programme will begin September 2017

Empowering Parents Programme:

Listowel Family Resource Centre work in partnership with DESSA (Disability Equality Specialist Support Agency) to provide the DESSA Empowering Parents Programme.

This programme supports parents in gaining knowledge and skills which helps to effectively advocate on behalf of their children, develop new ways of thinking about their child’s disability, before informed of their child’s rights and how to achieve them.

It also explains who could help parents get what they need from the public services and their local community and through the process helps parents build their confidence.

Course topics include:

  • Disability and Inclusion
  • Legislation and Policy
  • Inclusion in Education
  • Advocacy Skills
  • Strategies
  • Meeting Parents Emotional Needs

Frequency:Once a year or more frequently if required.


North Kerry Post Natal Depression Support Group

The NK Post Natal Depression Support Group is for Moms who are finding it difficult adjusting to life after their baby is born and are feeling depressed. Partners and family members are also welcome to the meetings. This group is supported by Listowel FRC and HSE North Kerry Primary Care Team.

The Aims of the Group are:

  • To offer a supportive, safe environment to women with post natal depression,
  • To support people in a peer-led environment to recover from post natal depression
  • To raise awareness and conversations about post natal depression


First Wednesday of every month; 8.00pm – 9.30pm.

New members are always welcome. Further information from 086-7872107. For further information & support on PND contact www.pnd.ie or on FB at PNDIreland.

North Kerry Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Parent Support Group

This is a parent led Support Group. The lead parents have vast experience in the areas of dyslexia and dyspraxia and how it affects their child’s educational and recreational development. The Group have also been requested to give talks to teachers and parents by schools and local organisations.

The Aims of the Group are:

  • To offer peer support to parents whose children are living with dyslexia and dyspraxia
  • To offer one-to-one support to parents who may need support in understanding the diagnosis and/or reports
  • To offer support, advice and information in navigating the education and health systems
  • To organise, when funding permits, summer activities for children affected by dyslexia and dyspraxia


First Wednesday of every month; 8.00pm – 9.30pm. New members are always welcome.

Individual appointments arranged through Listowel FRC.

Parents Plus Programmes:

These evidence based programmes, (designed and developed by Dr. John Sharry et al.) are designed to support and empower parents and care-givers in managing and resolving discipline issues, creating enjoyable and satisfying family relationships and assisting and supporting children in reaching their full potential. There are 4 programmes under the Parents Plus Programme.

Parents Plus: Early Years Programme:
6 week programme aimed at parents and care-givers of 1-6year olds. The programme is suitable both for children within the normal range of development as well as children with special needs such as ADHD, speech and language and other development problems.

Topics include:

  • Being a Responsive Parent
  • Encouraging and Supporting Children
  • Promoting Children’s Language and Development
  • Helping Children Concentrate and Learn
  • Building Cooperation in Young Children
  • Managing Tantrums, Misbehaviour and Problems
Parents Plus: Children’s Programme:
6 week programme aimed at parents and care-givers of 6 – 11 year olds.

This programme is suitable for all parents who desire to:

  • Solve parenting problems in a positive way that helps children learn
  • Manage difficult behaviour and discipline problems
  • Help their children be more cooperative and to learn to keep rules
  • Help their children learn and to reach their full potential at school
Parents Plus: Adolescence Programme:
6 week programme aimed at parents and care-givers of teenagers. It supports parents in connecting and building good relationships with their teenage children, while also being firm and influential in their lives.

Topics include:

  • Getting to Know and Connecting with your Teenager
  • Encouraging and Listening to Teenagers
  • Establishing Rules and Boundaries
  • Teaching Teenagers Responsibility
  • Discipline for young people/ Dealing with Conflict
  • Solving Teenage Problems
Parents Plus: Parenting when Separated:
6 week programme aimed at parents who are preparing for, or gone through, separation or divorce. Parenting when separated can be challenging and stressful for both the residential and non-residential parent.

This programme aims to support parents positively in this process by exploring the following topics:

  • Solving co-parenting problems in a positive way that focused on the needs of children.
  • Coping with the emotional impact of separation and learning stress management techniques
  • Helping your children cope with the impact of the separation both emotionally and practically
  • Enhancing communication with their children and with their children’s other parent

Frequency: Through the year. As soon as 7-8 parents/care-givers sign up.