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Legal Status
Listowel Family Resource Centre Ltd. operates as a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having Share Capital. The Company’s Register Number is 303592. The Company is a registered Charity. CHY Number: 13261.

Voluntary Board of Management

Name Position Sector
Claire Creighton Chairperson  Community
Theresa Neill Vice-Chairperson  Community
Julie Gleeson Company Secretary Community
Ann Davies Company Treasurer
 Angelina Elbell  Director  Community
Sean McCarthy Director  Community
Renata Leahy Director  Community
Chris Miley Director  Community


Criteria for Membership:

Listowel FRC uses the following criteria when selecting new members:

  • Be a member of the intended beneficiaries of the Centre and / or have a knowledge and understanding of the issues for the target groups
  • Have an interest in and / or understanding of family support and community development practice and principles
  • Be a member of a working group of the Family Resource Centre or have volunteered directly with, or on behalf of, the Centre for at least one year
  • Be willing to further the Centre’s aims and objectives
  • While the Board of Directors may include professionals and staff of other agencies working in the community, there are no places reserved for any statutory or professional agency
  • Be willing to participate in appropriate training
  • Have an ability to work as part of a team and to be a good listener
  • Have the time to make a commitment to the Centre and attend meetings and planning and review days as required
  • In the recruitment of volunteers, people will not be discriminated against on any of the nine grounds that are stated in the Equality legislation
  • There should be no conflict of interest, or potential conflict of interest, in relation to membership of the Voluntary Board of Management – such as immediate family relations, Listowel FRC work colleagues etc
  • Members of the Voluntary Board of Directors are there in an individual capacity and do not represent any other groups, organisations, political party or sectorial interests in the area

The board will be made up of people with the following personal qualities:

  • Committed to the development of their community
  • Committed to Family Support
  • Willingness to commit their time and effort
  • Open to learning and training
  • Suited to working as part of a wider team
  • Good communication skills
  • Have an interest, skill and/or knowledge of community development and/or family support
  • Committed to overall strategy of Centre in line with Child and Family Agency’s national policy

Rotation of Directors:

In line with the Centres’ Memorandum and Articles of Association, at the first, and every subsequent annual general meeting of the company, at least one third of the members of the Board shall retire from office. The Board members to retire in every year shall be those who have been longest in office, but as between persons who became Board members on the same day, those to retire shall (unless they otherwise agree amongst themselves) be determined by lot.

A retiring Director shall be eligible for re-election subject to a maximum of 6 consecutive years of service as outlined in the Centre’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.

A retiring Director can join or remain on a sub-committee and after 2 years are eligible for re-election to the Board of Management.