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Listowel Family Resource Centre (Formally Presentation Family Resource Centre) is a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having Share Capital. The Centre is managed by a voluntary Board of Management and has Charitable Status.

Entrance1Listowel Family Resource Centre (FRC) is one 106 FRC’s nationwide under the Family and Community Services Resource Programme and is responsible to the Child and Family Agency (TUSLA). This programme is Ireland’s largest family support programme delivering universal services and supports to all families and communities.

The original purpose of the Resource Centre was identified and developed from the Mission Project of the Presentation Sisters ‘Mission Project’ in 1991. The Project identified a number of groups that were possibly at risk or at least in need of concrete support.

Subsequently the Presentation Community set up a Family Centre in the former Infant School within the convent grounds. The Centre was granted Family Resource Centre status in 1998. The Presentation Community allocated financial resources to the project while also seeking grant aid from the then Southern Health Board.

Since then the centre has grown and strengthened starting with the employment of a Manager in 1999, followed by 6 professional childcare workers in 2001. Today we have a staff team of 36 and a volunteer pool of 29. We moved into this beautiful purpose built facility in 2009 and it was completed in 2010.

The primary focus of Listowel Family Resource Centre is to provide family support in an inclusive and empowering way. We achieve this by the provision of many services detailed in this website.

Listowel Family Resource Centre operates under a Voluntary Board of Management. Members are from the greater Listowel area and come from different backgrounds, interests and experiences. The Board, who meet regularly, plan and review the overall strategic procedures and work of the Centre.